At Prestige Fitness we believe that exercise should be based around what is best for your individual needs and because of that philosophy we offer several different amenities, so you can choose the style of exercise that is right for you.

Cardio Theatre
Our Cardio Theatre offers over 70 pieces of state of the art cardio equipment. Elliptical machines, bicycles, treadmills and many more pieces are available, so you will always be able to work out on the machine that you want to, when you want to. Our theatre provides several different televisions with different popular programming to let you watch your favorite television show, while burning off the calories and toning your body.

Free weights
Free weights give you the freedom to choose your own workout with visible results in a short amount of time. They allow you to target individual parts of the body to strengthen or have a great all over body workout. Our free weights section offers a wide array of equipment, letting you create your own workout experience.

Group Exercise
Our Group Exercise Room is a wide open space with floor to ceiling mirrors allowing plenty of room for each person to have their own mirror space to correct posturing. We have many different group exercises scheduled each day, so you are sure to find one that will be just right for you.

Locker Rooms
Our Locker Room is a spacious, clean area with sparkling showers as well as a multitude of roomy lockers and changing areas.

Kids Club
Our Kids Club is a fun, safe place for your little one to get some exercise with us while you enjoy your work out. Our climbing structure is sure to keep the kids entertained for your workout and our friendly kid’s club staff will have a great time having fun with and watching over your children.

Personal Training
Our Personal Trainers are available for advice and consultation on a multitude of topics from coming up with a personalized routine for you, to helping you find a nutritional plan that will keep you on the right track.